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The Advanced Security Group has been delivering security solutions for over 30 years. We’re happy to discuss your situation and to undertake a no-obligation security assessment and quote to fit your budget. Call or email us today and take the first step to protecting your home, family and assets.

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Security Products for Home or Business

Alarm products to suit large and small, domestic or commercial applications

The Hill’s Reliance range is one of Australia’s most popular security alarm panels, particularly favoured by factories and small businesses due to their hardy construction and loud keypad sounder. Clients with shops like the useful chime features that alerts staff of customers entering the premises during trading hours.

The GE Challenger Security system delivers sophisticated and intelligent security solutions that include lift and door controllers, surveillance cameras, wireless remotes, duress alarms, macro-logic circuits, integration into payroll administration, and the entire range of sensors to respond to unauthorised access.

The Bosch reputation for high quality and reliability continues with their range of cost-effective and user-friendly solutions for home and business security, including integrated alarm and access control systems, motion sensors, door and window contacts, biometric readers and data logging features.

Door Reed Switches

Door reeds back-up a movement sensor to confirm an intrusion, and can be armed separately at night. Reed switches can trigger an alarm while intruders are still outside, and accurately trigger the keypad entry warning timer.

Window Reed Switches

Detect intrusion through a window and can be armed at night. We use supervised wireless reeds where wiring is truly impossible.

Wireless Keyfobs

Can be used to arm and disarm the alarm system and even open the garage door.

Smoke and Heat Detectors

Our monitoring centre can notify you and/or call the fire brigade. Heat detectors are installed in kitchens where smoke alarms will potentially trigger accidentally.

Medical Alarms

 Monitoring can alert your relatives and/or send an ambulance in the event of a medical emergency.

Free Security Assessment

Call or email us for a free assessment and find out how the Advanced Security Group can help you protect what is yours.

“Money spent on preventing and deterring intrusion gives our clients peace of mind, lowers their insurance premiums and saves them the enormous stress of restoring the damage and business interruption left by intruders.”

Mark Buckland

Chief Executive, Advanced Security Group