Frequently Asked Questions

What is a monitored alarm?

A monitored alarm reports to a monitoring centre. All events such as arming, disarming, alarms, low battery and power fails are reported to the monitoring centre. This means that in the event of an alarm our monitoring centre operators will act according to your pre-arranged instructions.

Are the alarm systems easy to use?
Although our alarm systems are technologically advanced, they are very simple to operate. Visit our Products page to review the options available.
Will it be easy for me to train my staff?

We provide full user training at the time of installation and provide you with a user handbook. Our systems are so simple to use that new staff can be trained in a matter of minutes.

How big is the keypad?

Keypads vary in size from approx 70mm x 125mm to 180mm x 130mm depending on the system used.

Will you need access to the roof to install the system?

Yes, we will need access to the roof to run the cables.

Does a security system draw attention to the fact I have valuables in the house?

No, it helps to protect your valuables from being stolen.

Will the system require regular maintenance?

Yes. The system should have an annual preventative maintenance check as per the Aust Standards (AS2201 parts 1-5). Visit our Routine Maintenance page to see what is involved.

Will my home insurance be reduced if I have an alarm installed?

It is best to contact your insurance company and discuss it with them. Many do offer discounts to customers who have monitored alarm systems.

Am I required to sign a period contract?

While we sign annual Service Agreements with many of our corporate clients and an initial three (3) month Agreement with Medi-Alarm customers, we do not require residential and small business customers to sign contracts. This is because we believe that the quality of our service is our contract.

Does my alarm work if there is a black out?

Yes, it will continue to work during a blackout. It has a backup battery inside the control panel enclosure. Our monitoring centre receives a low battery signal if the battery ever needs to be replaced.

Do I need to reset anything after a black out?

No you don’t need to reset anything.

Do I need to install a new phone line for the system to operate?

No, your existing phone line is fine. We may need to install a broadband filter if it is on the same line and will discuss this with you prior to installation.

Does the alarm go through to the police or somewhere else?

The alarm goes through to our own state of the art monitoring centre. Our monitoring centre operator will then act according to your pre-arranged instructions recorded on our monitoring software. If necessary we can have direct contact with the police via a dedicated 1900 number.

Should I give everyone in the family (or business) their own code?

We recommend that each person has a unique code. That way, a code can be selected that is meaningful to them which will increase the likelihood that they will remember it. It also means that specific code holders can be identified in the history of alarm system arming and disarming.

Can I have only part of the house protected by the security system when I am home at night?

Yes, we can program your system for a ‘partial’ arming.

Will the cat set the sensors off? He currently comes & goes through a small cat-door at night.

If the alarm is set and the cat enters it will set off the alarm. This can be overcome by installing what is called a “Pet alley detector”. This allows the pet to move around on the floor without setting off the alarm.

Will bugs, moths or mice set the sensors off?

Yes, if they get close enough to the detector. Correct location of the detector and spraying surface spray around (not on) detectors will help to eliminate this problem. Other things that are likely to cause false alarms are curtains moving when widows are left open and rapid temperature changes if air conditioning is left on.

Is there a charge for ‘false alarms’?

No, there are no charges from us or the control room for false alarms. You are only charged if we need to send a patrol officer to investigate the alarm.

A staff member has left. Should I delete their access code?

Yes, to remove any chance of unauthorised entry, their code should be deleted as soon as they leave.

I want to reset the access codes. I am following the manual but it doesn’t seem to be working. What should I do?

We usually suggest that code changes are performed from our office via remote software. We can then keep up to date records in case someone forgets their code. There is a small fee for this service.

I have forgotten the code we set. What should we do?

Call our monitoring centre where we can tell you your code if your are able to identify yourself using your nominated password.

Do fake cameras reduce the likelihood of being broken into?

No. Generally, fake cameras are not good replicas of the real thing.

I accidentally set off the alarm but quickly put my code in. I expected a call from you but didn’t get one. Why not?

In homes, we program in a “cancel communicator” which is a message sent to the control room saying a valid user code has been entered prior to us ringing the site.

What happens if I leave my business and forget to set the alarm?

Our monitoring software is programmed to notify the operator if your alarm is not armed by your nominated closing time. We then notify you and can arrange for a patrol to attend and set the alarm if you are not able to.

What are multiple alarms?

Multiple alarms have more than one detector going into alarm. This means that someone or something is moving about your premises and it is less likely to be a false alarm.

How do we change codes and update the after-hours contacts?

Please send a written request (letter, fax or email) to us using our contact details.

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