Maintaining System Integrity

Whether your alarm system is a smoke-detector, medical alarm or a fully integrated building security system, it is necessary to run an ‘end-to-end’ maintenance check on a regular, scheduled basis to ensure system integrity.

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Ensure Optimal Performance


The servicing, maintenance and testing of your security alarm system on a regular basis is essential to ensure that it is capable of detecting unwanted entry to your premises. Poorly maintained equipment can cause false alarms which are annoying and costly.

Regular maintenance is also a normal requirement of most insurance companies if they have taken your security system into consideration when calculating your premium(s). Failing to maintain your security system may invalidate an insurance claim you make due to theft and/or damage.

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Maintenance Inspection Process

The Advanced Security Group’s scheduled maintenance programs ensure that all features and components of your security system are operating at optimal capability.

Annual or bi-annual Alarm System Maintenance Programs are available for both business and residential customers, and are undertaken in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 2201.1


The Advanced Security Group maintenance programs include: visual inspection and cleaning of control panels, code pads and detection devices; walk-through testing of motion and temperature sensors to ensure coverage and range is adequate; testing of all sirens and strobes; online check-test reports; password security checks; testing of power supplies, back-up batteries and current draw.