The Monitoring Centre

The cornerstone of any security company is its monitoring centre. This is where alarms are received, patrols are dispatched and clients contacted.The Advanced Security Group is Quality Certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards. Our systems and procedures are designed to ensure that we deliver responsive security services to the highest possible standard.


On Watch 24/7

Next to having onsite security personnel, monitored alarm systems provide the best protection.


Alarm Events

Triggers include: intrusion alarms; open/closing reports; panic, duress, smoke and medical reports; critical system conditions.

Standard Phone Lines

A standard dialler is the most popular choice for residential and small commercial customers.

GPRS Systems

Delivering 99.9% reliable connection to the monitoring centre and possible insurance discounts

Call the monitoring Centre on 1300 130 618

Professional and High Tech

All our operators hold current NSW Security Industry Licenses, Class 1E and a dedicated Monitoring Centre Manager supervises all operations. The monitoring centre is a secure building, equipped with the latest Access Detection System for Windows (ADSW) software, providing superior monitoring capability and service delivery.

Affordable Security, Peace of Mind

A monitored alarm system adds an extra dimension to your safety. You no longer have to rely on neighbours or passers-by to react. When an alarm is raised, our trained personnel will take immediate action, following a set of procedures that are pre-arranged with you. We do not hold you to any long-term contracts, and our reasonable monthly rates ensure that your safety and security are in the hands of dedicated experts.

Monitoring and Alarm Response

The key to effective security in your home or commercial premises is the ability to respond to any threat quickly and appropriately. NSW Police Statistics support the fact that a Monitored Alarm System is the greatest deterrent to break and enter, theft and malicious damage offences.

Personal Safety, Medical and Fire

A monitored alarm system ensures timely emergency assistance in panic, duress and fire situations. The monitoring centre can be alerted to any emergency at the press of a button on your control pad. We supply stickers and signs that clearly indicate your property is protected by the Advanced Security Group, and because our monitoring centre team is on watch, 365 days-a-year, you can feel secure even if you’re away for extended periods.

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Advanced Security Group’s state-of-the-art monitoring centre provides constant coverage for our customers, from private residences to large corporations, hospitals, aged-care facilities, schools and local government authorities.

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