Is your NBN box on the outside?

Be aware of your security vulnerability.

As the National Broadband Network (NBN) rolls out, homes and businesses must address the resulting challenges with respect to ensuring that their monitored alarm systems are not inadvertently made vulnerable to tampering.

If your NBN utility box is outside the premises, please review the facts, and contact us if you have questions.

NBN Utility Box located inside

Inside = no security vulnerability

NBN Utility Box located outside

Your security system is vulnerable. Please see our Recommendation below

Changing over to NBN?

The NBN rollout is happening across Australia, and you may already have received notification that it is available in your area. For customers with a monitored security system, fitted with an alarm dialler that sends alarm signals through a standard phone line, there will be implications that affect your system.

Does your provider support UNI-V?

NBNCo recommends that alarms using the NBN connect to the UNI-V port, to ensure they can communicate during a power outage. This will require cabling from the alarm panel to the UNI-V port. It is important to ensure that your provider’s equipment supports the UNI-V connection option.

NBN Utility Box outside the premises?

The standard NBN installation often has the utility box positioned outside the building. Unfortunately, this has left many security systems vulnerable. The Advanced Security Group is actively involved in resolving issues surrounding the NBN rollout and the impact on residential and business alarm systems.

Concerned how the change-over will effect your alarm system?

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The Facts


Alarm systems utilising a telephone line to communicate with the monitoring centre will be affected when the copper line is disconnected and replaced with the NBN fibre optic cable.


NBN cables run to a large grey box that is most often mounted on an outside wall. Some installations have unprotected cable running to this box which presents a security vulnerability.


Once connected to the NBN, you may find your alarm system is unable to connect via Voice over IP telephony (VoIP).

 Our Recommendation

We recommend clients connect their security systems to a GPRS (mobile data network) communicator instead of the NBN. In this way, your security system will:

  • Continue to function without mains power
  • Continue to function without a telephone line
  • Be polled every 24 hours to ensure integrity
  • Remain unaffected by NBN or associated problems

The NBN is a wholesale provider of a data network and does not supply solutions for connected devices. Our advice is to contact us as soon as you are aware of the NBN rollout in your area.