Security Patrols and Guards

Our mobile security professionals are fully trained to Australian Standards and carry current security licenses. Advanced Security Group provide around-the-clock mobile security patrols, on-site guards and rapid alarm responses.

We strive to provide our customers with flexible, efficient and innovative solutions to their security requirements at competitive prices. Security patrol services act as deterrence, first responders and early detection through identification and reporting of possible problems. Patrols can reduce insurance costs for businesses and provide a range of services.


Ad hoc, short-term, one-off

Our patrols deliver a wide range of services to our customers with professionalism and sensitivity, including opening and closing services and escorting staff off the premises after-hours.

Regular Mobile Patrols

Discreet, uniformed patrols ensure staff and patron safety and after-hours security. Mobile patrols and guards provide an extra layer of protection for businesses with cash-on-hand, such as restaurants, hotels and shops.

Protect your assets

Protect high risk premises such as car yards, warehouses and vulnerable spaces such as construction sites, carparks and closed shopfronts.

Home Security

Deterrence, response and protection


Reduce Risk and Insurance

Tailored to your needs and budget, patrols can save you money


Timed to your requirements

Patrol services can be casual, ad hoc or seven nights a week

Event Security

Any event, large or small, that may require an appropriately trained security presence

Working together for your protection

Contact us to discuss your security concerns