Customer Support and Terms of Trade

Value-added service and commitment to high quality security solutions

The Advanced Security Group, comprising Advanced Inland Security and Advanced Coast Security, is a family owned and operated security business specialising in the safeguarding of commercial, industrial and residential properties.

We offer a full range of security products and services including camera surveillance, integrated and modular alarm systems,  24 hour monitoring, and security patrols. Our keen attention to detail and highly-trained staff ensure that at all times, our response is rapid, relevant and effective.

Peace of mind, no strings attached

Advanced Security Group does not believe in locking our customers into long-term monitoring contracts. Your monitored alarm account is setup for you at a reasonable monthly rate.

The Advanced Security Group’s monitoring centre meets the stringent New South Wales security requirements.

Based on your pre-determined choices, the monitoring centre can:

  • Confirm the nature of the emergency
  • Contact those on your emergency contact list
  • Send out a patrol car to investigate
  • Notify the Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance

Planning on doing it yourself?

Many of us are skilled at undertaking projects around the house but is the protection of your family and assets an area where you wish to compromise? If you are considering the security of your home or business premises and thinking that this is an opportunity for  a DIY project, we encourage you to think again.

Nothing can compare to the expertise of a licensed security technician who can install tried and tested equipment backed by product and service guarantees and supported with a scheduled maintenance program.

Here are ten reasons why DIY security systems are very alarming.

Most DIY systems do not have the capability of being monitored by an alarm monitoring centre. This is very significant because NSW Police statistics support the fact that a Monitored Alarm System is the greatest deterrent to break and enter, theft and malicious damage offences.

A monitored alarm system means that the monitoring centre can respond to an alarm signal around the clock and can quickly take action. You or your nominees can be contacted, a security patrol can be sent to your premises to investigate or emergency services notified if required.

A monitored security system has the capability of detecting a power failure at your house if you are away. This means that you can be notified and need not come home to a fridge or freezer full of spoilt food.

The technology used in many cheaper DIY kits is often very poor and can fail after a relatively short period of operation. The detectors will only have a limited range of operation and with be restricted to sensing motion rather than also having infra-red detection capability.

A local alarm that is not monitored often relies on neighbours or passers-by to respond if you are not at home or cannot be contacted. This is in spite of the fact that almost half (44%) of all Australians do not investigate or call the police when they hear a home or business premises alarm.

An incorrectly installed, poorly positioned and cheaper alarm can either fail to detect intruders or raise false alarms which tends to annoy the neighbours and make them less likely to respond if you are away.

Parts for DIY security systems are often hard to buy because different models are always coming on to the market as cheaper alternative suppliers are found.

Fake alarms and cameras which have no functionality and are purely designed to act as visual deterrents very rarely have the desired effect because burglars know what is real and what is fake.

Cost has historically been seen as the biggest barrier to home-owners investing in monitored security solutions but this is becoming less of a concerning factor.

A number of insurance companies now offer discounted premiums to customers who take precautions to protect their home, with added incentives to homeowners who invest in a monitored home alarm over a less effective stand-alone (local) alarm.

Customer Service Guarantee

Our staff are courteous and highly trained security specialists

Our workmanship is always of the highest standard

Only the highest quality equipment and materials will be used

Security advice is given honestly to meet your specific needs

We endeavour to meet all agreed time-frames and deadlines

We can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week

We strive to exceed the Australian Standards for the security industry

All materials and workmanship are guaranteed for 12 months


“Thanks very much for your professionalism and support during the break-in on Sunday morning. Your guys did a great job.”


“Your monitoring station staff are so friendly and helpful, and always give great service.”


“In January this year my mother slipped and broke her hip at home. She lives alone. Mum has a medical alarm she wears around her neck. Mum couldn’t reach the phone but she was able to press the medi alarm button.

Advanced Inland Security responded by phoning my house but as we were away there was no answer. AIS then sent an ambulance to my mother’s house and she received immediate attention for an injury that had incapacitated her.

We were grateful for the prompt action by AIS and we will happily recommend them to anyone. It would have been a very different story if Mum had not had her medi-alarm with her. Now we wouldn’t be without that alarm.”

Wendy Newell

“Advanced Inland Security (AIS) has been providing security services to Challenge Community Services for over 10 years in the New England/North West areas of our organisation.  Until recently Challenge employed the services of multiple security companies across the state to monitor our sites.  AIS set the standard for all of the other providers and we have recently moved all our sites over to AIS.  Their ongoing friendly, professional and efficient high standard of service significantly out performs all the other providers.  Challenge currently has 63 sites throughout NSW and every site is provided with the same priority regardless of the size or location of the site.

For Challenge, a vital requirement with our security is to have security codes and after hours contacts added and removed quickly as staff changes occur within our organisation.  This is to enable us to maintain our duty of care to our clients restricting access to only those who are authorised to do so.  AIS ensures that code changes are actioned quickly and after hours contacts are kept up to date so that contact can be made with the correct people when required.

Early 2016, Challenge experienced a significant event at one of our sites with a fire starting overnight.  AIS had a patrol person on site within minutes of the first fire alarm activation, providing access to the fire brigade organised by the monitoring centre.  Without the services of AIS on the night and their quick response, the damage sustained would of been much more catastrophic.  Fortunately the damage was contained to a small area of the building.

Challenge would have no hesitation in recommending the Advanced Inland Security to all future clients wishing to engage them as their service provider and we look forward to many more years partnered to provide exceptional security for our staff members and clients across our organisation”.

Nerida Taylor

Resources Officer, Challenge Community Services