CCTV Systems for your home and business

Protect your assets and deter intruders with remote video surveillance

CCTV systems deliver critical visual data. Our surveillance solutions are cost effective, provide a fast and appropriate response to alarms, and deliver high resolution night and day recordings for retrieval.

A prominent CCTV system is a powerful deterrent to theft, vandalism and fraud.  Save money and reduce risk with a sophisticated, monitored surveillance and alarm system.

Network (IP) Cameras

Provide flexibility and detailed HD footage

Motion Triggered Alarm

Only begin recording when movement is sensed within camera range

True Night & Day

Filters the infrared during the day to provide a true colour image

Zoom, Pan, Tilt

Enquire about our range of high quality CCTV zoom lenses

ONVIF Compliant

Ensuring interoperability of your CCTV system regardless of manufacturer

Advanced Security Group provides the latest technology from reliable suppliers, with a wide range of cameras and integrated monitoring solutions to suit your requirements.

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Integrated Surveillance and Alarms

Cameras and Storage

Weatherproof, low-maintenance, delivering high-resolution images automatically uploaded and time-stamped

Networking and Retrieval

Secure, encrypted and lightening fast, with optimised storage and automatic video upload

Camera Action and Recording

Conduct real-time surveillance for faster responses, alarm triggers include motion and audio detection, temperature and tampering

Software and Video Analytics

Configure video properties such as resolution and frame-rate, saturation, brightness and contrast

Virtual Patrols

An ideal alternative to physical patrols, the Monitoring Centre remotely views live data from cameras installed on site. Two-way voice communication is also supported. Streamline your site access requirements and reduce the costs associated with after-hours and on-site personnel.

The Monitoring Centre operator can conduct:

Pre-scheduled Patrols

Conducted at regular timed intervals

Multi-view Patrols

Operators monitor multiple areas simultaneously

Alarm Response Patrols

Real-time verification of an event

Multi-view Patrols

Operators monitor multiple areas simultaneously

Protecting Your Home and Business

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